Celtic Knot - represents the Trinity

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The Celtic tree is a symbol of the eternal renewal of life - an important theme in Celtic mythology.

Cernunnos - Celtic Deer God

The Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Celtic Mythology Pronunciations

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Mandatory Reading for project:

DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF A GENERAL ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR THIS PROJECT; DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA FOR THIS PROJECT! If an encyclopedia is limited to ONE area (history, art, literature), that specific encyclopedia is approved for research. If you are unsure if a source is appropriate, please check with the instructor.

The Illuminated Page--

a link to an extremely brief introduction to illumination. Feel free to peruse the links on the right of this web page to get a better idea of what illumination was like.

Other sources for projects:
History of Illuminated Manuscripts
About illuminated manuscripts
Making an Illuminated Manuscript

Reading guide for Celtic Mythology

Celtic Mythology Reading Guide Google.doc

Class reading:

Celtic Mythology Quest Study Guide