Shao Hao

Susano-o-no Mikoto and Yamato-no-Orochi

New Zealand

Far East and Polynesian Island Mythology Powerpoint

Reading Guides for myths

The Far East and the Pacific Island Mythology Reading Guide Google.doc

Far East and Polynesian Island Mythology Quest Study Guide

Text for Asia Unit:

The Rámáyan of Válmíki

Sources for Asia Unit:

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These websites are given as places to begin the research for this unit. Please remember that well researched presentations should use a MINIMUM of three sources for information. Please be sure to include the sites used for pictures on the works cites slide. Project should have a minimum of 6 informational slides plus the works cited slide.
DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF A GENERAL ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR THIS PROJECT; DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA FOR THIS PROJECT! If an encyclopedia is limited to ONE area (history, art, literature), that specific encyclopedia is approved for research. If you are unsure if a source is appropriate, please check with the instructor.

Taj Mahal

The Great Wall -- Look for red hot spots in the panorama and click them to travel to the next panorama. Press and hold your mouse on the panorama and move left, right, up or down.

The Forbidden City

The Terra Cotta Army

The Sun Temple at Konark

Ellora, Maharashtra (ancient caves)


Somnath Temple, Gujarat

Sannai - Maruyama Ruins

Motsuji Temple Jodo Garden

Toro Ruins

Todaiji Temple

Daisen Burial Mound

Dazaifu Ruins

Easter Island

Lahaina, Maui

Lahaina, Maui

Helpful websites:
Chart of Hindu gods and goddesses
Hindu Gods and Godesses
Chinese Mythology
Japanese Deities
Polynesian Deities
Interactive tour of the Buddist Wheel of Life