The Nine Worlds

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Kevin Crossley-Holland - translator of much Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian literature


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Rune Stones

How the heck to you say these names? Check out this pronunciation site. The play button before each word will give a pronunciation of the term: Norse Mythology Pronunciation (Icelandic pronunciation)
this second link is to a YouTUbe video of a young Swedish boy pronouncing some of the names: How to Pronounce Nordic Mythology Names

Norse Mythology Project:

DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF A GENERAL ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR THIS PROJECT; DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA FOR THIS PROJECT! If an encyclopedia is limited to ONE area (history, art, literature), that specific encyclopedia is approved for research. If you are unsure if a source is appropriate, please check with the instructor.

Runes Through Time -- PBS article on Norse Runes -- read this article for project

"Mysterious code in Viking runes is cracked" -- article from ScienceNordic
Scandinavian Archeology - Viking Age Rune Stones
Norse Mythology for Smart People

Futhark Runic translator (Thanks Max Rutschke!)

Rune Converter -- Put phrases in English in and get Norse runes out!

Viking name Generator -- Take a short quiz and learn your true Viking name!

Pictures of Swedish Rune Stones

Viking Video:

The Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology
Runic Alphabet

Class Readings:

Norse Mythology Reading Guide Google.doc

Sigurd the Volsung - on pp. 478-505 of the textbook

Norse Mythology Quest Study Guide Google.Doc