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Manuscript form (page set up):
Double space entire paper, including the heading.
One inch margins on all sides.
Header: 0.5. Last name and page number in upper right hand corner. (right side of page)
Heading: items on separate lines. Name in full; date in full; class and hour or section;
assignment title (left side of page)
Font: Times New Roman, 12

Research Requirements:
Each unit has a research project that is due in the day of the quest. These are the general guidelines to follow:
1. Use MLA format. The guideline for manuscript for are given at the top of this page.
2. Each research project must use a minimum of three sources unless otherwise noted on the rubric: printed books, the internet (make sure you are using a credible academic sources and not some person's personal website), and school data base subscriptions (EBSCO). Be aware that some projects require MORE than three sources.
3. When writing a paper that accompanies the project, the student is expected to reference within the paper the sources used in the research process. These references must be in the form of direct quotes or paraphrasing. These quotes and paraphrasing must have internal citations in MLA style. Therefore, students must include a worked cited page with each paper. In a similar fashion, presentations should include a works cited or consulted slide.
4. DO NOT use Wikipedia as a source for any information for any research project. Because Wikipedia is a wiki, any member of the wiki change information and some of the information is unsubstantiated.
5. DO NOT use general purpose encyclopedias such as Britannica, Columbia, and World Book for information. The information in these publications is general, and these research projects require specific information.
6. When creating power points, document all pictures taken from the internet by placing the URL on the slide.
7. Presentations and papers found to contain plagiarism will be dealt with as described in the student handbook.